Monday, December 20, 2004

What more can I squeeze into my PowerBook

Well, it must be Christmas - for my PowerBook at least !

Thanks to the nice folks at the best Aussie Apple supplier - Streetwise - I got some new toys today... an extra 1GB of RAM to stick into the PowerBook.. so after prising the old 512MB stick out I've now got 1.12GB or usable RAM. Which was very handy because in the same packages I got a copy of Office:mac 2004 Professional (apart from the neat black case it comes in, it includes VirtualPC 7 with WinXP Pro)

The good news is that with over 1GB or RAM even an old 867MHz Rev.A 12" Powerbook is pretty nippy. For OSX apps it flies along, and a combination of the RAM and performance improvements in VirtualPC make even that quite usable.

I also got a licence for skEdit - a really excellent editor for OSX, optimised to HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP and JavaScript ... but copes with just about any text editing I've needed to throw at it. Check out the site for a full list of features and the latest updates.

And of course, to help pay for this I need to actually do some work... so I'd better get back to it ;)