Saturday, February 26, 2005

Flickr: Image sharing

Flickr is another example of a 'community' service (like Blogger and It adds a new dimension to managing and sharing information - words and pictures can be uploaded and categorised and shared around. All we need now is support for music and video and it's complete :)

I'd like to see more integration - at the moment to share an image you have to upload it to Flickr and to share a bookmark you post it to and to bring them together you have to reference them here in Blogger. Ideally the three services would share a common interface so I could use the same tags for a bookmark, an image or a blog entry. I could upload an image, tag it and write the associated blog at the same time. Ideally I'd be able to do it from an off-line app on my Powerbook, or as an MMS message from my cellphone (or who knows, on a next generation iPod !)

I would love to see this evolve so there is a way of consolidating email (Gmail and local mail), bookmarks, images, forum posts and instant messages so there is a history I can access. True Personal Digital Assistant !

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