Saturday, March 26, 2005

Return to the dark side ?

Don't get me wrong. I love my PowerBook, and I think OSX is great. I first got my PowerBook when my old Vaio C1MT started to get a little slow and old.. and Sony in their wisdom decided not to ship lpatops in Australia with Bluetooth. But now with the advent of the tiny VGN-T27GP they seem to be taking connected mobile users seriously, so with VirtualPC not quite keeping up with my needs it seemed like an ideal choice.

Now however I've got to get everything re-installed and move my Office suite back across from the old C1MT and get everything back up to speed.

I'm going to miss some things from OSX though. I can't find anything like BluePhoneElite and some of the keystroke combinations I've come to know and love. But in the months I've been away the Windows platform hasn't been standing still either so I think it's going to be fun exploring again.

I'll keep my PowerBook fired up and up-to-date, and keep in touch with the community. Maybe as time goes by it'll be easier to swap between them on an ad hoc basis (mail is the biggest issue - maybe I need an Exchange server !)

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