Friday, September 16, 2005

I like stats, but I hate having to wade through reports to get them !

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Like everyone I'm curious about how popular my idle thoughts are, where people come from and where they go afterwards....

If I hosted the blog myself on my server using MT or similar I could wade through my own logs to find this out, but let's face it.... it's just too much like hard work !

Luckily for every need, there's usually an answer on the net, and My Blog Log seems to be pretty much it !

With no changes to your site, apart from adding their small JavaScript fragment (incredibly easy for the Blogger template), you can have a detailed day-by-day breakdown of the number of visitors, where they came from and what links they clicked on to leave.

The basic (free) service gives you a weeks worth of stats, or you can upgrade to Pro and get real-time reporting and a longer history.

Although targeted primarily at Bloggers, the service can be used to produce stats on any page where you can edit the source - much nicer than those simple webcounters that grace so many sites for no reason.

You may also notice small tooltips which appear over some of the links on these pages... they're from another service from the folks at My Blog Log that expands on the basic stats to provide some active feedback on how popular links are.

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