Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Big Brother 2006 - Applications

Once again the Big Brother roadshow is underway. Similar process to 2005... there will be a roadshow and then the process of whittling the applicants down to the housemates we get to know.

The site is back and ticking over nicely. The front end is showing it's initial simple face at the moment, but all the cool applications stuff is sitting there waiting to spring into life.

As usual the core is Classic ASP (with a big shiny SQL database lurking in the background)... but I have sneaked in some beginnings of a migration to ASP.NET. Means there is some duplication of common include files but no great shakes.

Now on to planning the main site....


Anonymous said...


I have come accross your website and blog from viewing the bigbrother site. I enjoy checking the new design of the BB site and I am equally impressed each year.

I would like to point out a small flaw in your Stage 2 Application System.

"If you have forgotten your Keycode, enter your email address above, leave the Keycode field blank and press "Login". You will be sent an email containing your Keycode."

By entering a random email address into the email field and no code it returns the following error:

"Email address not found"

As we all know, BB is very secretive about the upcoming housemates.

Lets say that I have a friend who attended the audition and has claimed that they did not make it passed the first round but I have a sneaking suspicion that they have actually made it through. I could then go to the BB website and enter their email address into the email field with no CODE and wait for the response.


(I am going on the assumption that a correct email address in the database will return a short message with instructions of how to retrieve their access code.)

Anonymous said...

actually, probably not problem solved as all that happens is the email will be sent - this could apply to anyone who has got through the very first round... all that would do if confirm that they're interested in getting a bit more details

after those details are supplied then there would be a bunch of people who are invited to further rounds of auditions so you're not going to know who got any further.

From memory last year they closed off that login page pretty soon in the New Year once the second round of auditions started so no way of knowing who got any further....