Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Clients are so varied

I was thinking about updating the website today, and trying to say what it is we actually do. It's surprisingly hard to come up with a simple answer.

Clients include a couple of TV production companies (we build and manage websites for them), a very large advertising agency (where we do technical reviews and optimise code and databases), a PR firm (where we help them with physical marketing and displays) and a number of smaller consulting gigs (security, network design, supplier vetting) or development projects (small websites, static or CMS driven)

Sadly there's never enough work to not need to look any more, hence the need to re-visit the site which (embarrasingly) hasn't been updated in almost two years and actually make it look like we're active and vibrant (instead of us actually being active and vibrant but our own shingle appearing tired and worn out !).

As some of the good designers I work with (for instance over at Zzarg and dragtotrash) often point out - design is something that I'm best steered away from, so we'll have to see what (if anything) eventuates....

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