Thursday, September 23, 2004


What is it about hibernation in computers that seems to cause so much grief ?
For years each release of Windows has offered a promise of instant-on, suspend-and-resume, safe hibernation... but while its improved with time I've still got machines here which for no apparent reason just hang when you ask them to suspend or hibernate - and no-one seems to have an answer :( I guess I'll have to keep trying different things until I find an answer.
I've also got a PowerBook (yup, I'm an Apple fan) which has a great sleep mode, but.... sadly no true hibernation, so the pretty light continues to pulse, the USB ports retain power and slowly but surely the battery goes flat.... maybe OSX 10.4 will have the answer to that.....

[edit 28 Jan 2005: looks like I'm not alone in this wish list... there's quite a few posts turning up on the Apple discussions forums - both 'official' and also MacNN etc. Sadly no confirmation or mention of it in the Tiger updates, so I guess it will remain a pipe-dream !]

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