Saturday, January 15, 2005

All play and no work...

.... makes J a poor boy.

So luckily, I've been busy over the last little while.

Had an interesting stint working with an advertising agency in Sydney as a surrogate Technical Director on some interesting little projects they're doing for clients - ranging from touch screen Kiosk development through to an EDM solution. It was fun, but the commute was a killer !

Also finished up the applications sites for season 2 of My Restaurant Rules and the Australian Queer Eye as well as the coding behind a youth marketing site Get Candy and a promotion for BiC called Write To Party - all for the folks at Cobalt Media.

Somehow managed to fit in work for Zzarg Advertising for some dynamic CSS work for the new AMD reseller site and, of course, the new Big Brother applications site for the 2005 season for Endemol Southern Star.

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