Thursday, January 27, 2005

iLove my iPod

Finally got myself a Christmas present ! a 40GB iPod.
It's great. I wish I'd got one ages ago.
Form factor is fine, charges up quickly and I can't believe just how quickly 10GB of music got rushed from my PowerBook to the iPod. Gotta finish ripping my CDs now !
I've ordered a RoadTrip from StreetWise so it can keep me company in the car as well !

The dog likes it as well, because with music I'll spend a little more time on the beach in the evening ;)

I'd love to see a couple of extra features - auto-fade of cross-fade for tracks, and BPM matching (assuming iTunes will ever be able to work out BPMs for me automatically !). The iTunes integration is great - not having to worry about it. I've got a bunch of playlists set up for moods and different family members so we can quickly find someone's favourite song of the moment (I suspect it will be a godsend in the car for at least the smallest member of the family !)

Using the iPod as removable storage is also very cool. Most people I know have Firewire so I don't need to drag both cables around (it helps that most people I work with are either into building/moding/extending their own machines so firewire is just cool, or artistic types so they've got a Mac)... it's funny how a 128KB thumbdrive becomes inadequate, then the 512KB one just doesn't cut it any more... I wonder how long until the 'spare' 20GB I've got on my iPod at the moment isn't up to scratch !

Now of course, if it was equipped with WiFi so I could feed an AirPort express from it while it's still clipped to my belt... that would be far too cool (or I could just get a Bose docking station and a remote control)

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