Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Tiger By The Tail ;)

Just because I'm using Windows as my primary environment again these days doesn't mean that my PowerBook has been relegated to book-end status. I got it a new present the other day... a Tiger upgrade.

The install is slick and drama free (and fairly quick) even on my machine with very little free space.

Then came the funny moment... 75MB of patches needed to get it all up-to-date. And those patches would require a reboot. And the 10.4 roll-up was .2 already !

Call me silly but isn't one of the selling points with OSX that it requires infrequent patching and never needs a rebbot ;)

Ah well. It's almost done and I'll be able to play with it soon (only 15 mins to go on the downloads, then it'll probably want a Repair Permissions and a small blood sacrifice !)

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