Friday, July 22, 2005

Tiger... a service pack or a big step forward ?

After installing Tiger, downloading the first set of updates, rebooting, installing the second set of updates and then patching things like VirtualPC I was ready to start playing around with Tiger.

It's nice. Don't get me wrong, but I think Apple have possibly over-hyped this creation. There is nothing that's a real show-stopped to make this worthy of the 'new release' title for me.

It seems a little faster, hopefully more stable, and the new design cues are cool. Spotlight is an alright addition, but QuickSilver provided everything that Spotlight offers me at the moment. Dashboard is cute but not sure it's going to control my life. If I could access these concurrently like stickies on the desktop or on a Dock bar then they'd be more flexible. Maybe OSX 10.5 !

So iChat, H.264 etc ... are they any good ? Who knows ! I don't know anyone using iChat... they've almost all MSN users on a PC (and that product is an orphan on the Mac sadly. A much better integration choice than AOL would have been in my opinion).

Safari 2.0 is just like 1.2 but (and for me it's a big but) it does fix the problems with authentication. RSS is a nice added feature and seems to work a treat.

Not found anything that doesn't work yet, but I've also not found anything to make me think that it's really critical to put the $ down if you're happy with 10.3

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